Backstage with Audrey Nuna

Backstage with Audrey Nuna

The NewsHouse chatted with the joyful young pop star following her Juice Jam 2021 performance Sunday.
Published: September 28, 2021 | Updated: October 6th, 2021 at 4:02 pm
Audrey Nuna performing at Juice Jam 2021
Audrey Nuna, a bright new star to open Juice Jam 2021.

Audrey Nuna’s performance at Juice Jam 2021 was loud and full of confidence as she donned an all-white outfit with a sparkling harness strapped to her chest while dancing around the Skytop Field stage.

The 22-year-old’s dominant stage presence and expressive dressing exuded confidence, which she no doubt had. But offstage, Nuna was approachable and seemed excited to get the chance to chat with Syracuse University media outlets.

Where do you find the most inspiration for not only yourself but also, you’re sick visual aesthetic?

Audrey Nuna: Honestly, nothing crazy I feel like life alone is inspiring, right? I’ve always been a super visual person because my dad did clothing manufacturing. So, I was always in a factory making clothes. Also, just naturally I like to just take pictures. I have a random camera roll of grandpa’s who have fire fits, so I just take from anything honestly.

You were a student at NYU. How was it balancing your schoolwork and building a career as a music artist? How do you feel now that you’re kind of building your career and really in the midst of this?

AN:  It was fun; it was really fun. I barely got any sleep my first year of college. I would go to class, do all my work and I tended to take the train up to my studio. I was working for like an hour and a half [in the studio]. Basically, I worked all night.

That was definitely tiring, but it was one of the most fun times of my life because I just had no f—— clue what I was doing.

When I was just doing it. I’d be taking A-train back and see random a– people going to work and s— and be like, ‘You know, I’m so lucky I get to do this.’ So yeah, I thought it was fun. I think if you really love it, it’s hard and it’s fun.

Audrey Nuna at Juice Jam 2021

Audrey Nuna at Juice Jam 2021

You are our age and you’ve already done so much so far. How do you want to connect to the student audience here today?

AN: I feel like I just make the music I want to make, and I just do my own thing. So, I think that my message to anyone in college or anyone in our age group is, we’re so young. We don’t have kids – hopefully. We don’t have husbands or wives. We have nothing tying us down. We’re f——- young, hopefully healthy and free. Just do what you want to do in your life and happiness is the most important thing.

What’s one thing you learned from the pandemic? And how are you applying it in your personal and professional life now?

AN: I learned that it’s really important to do things that have no purpose. Go on bike rides, take walks, play hopscotch. Do the things that make you feel free because that’s super important. And then it’s almost practical because I feel like when you put yourself in that mind state, you can do way more. So, I think anyone who wants to do some s— with their life also do nothing sometimes.

You were a student artist and here at Syracuse University we have a plethora of student artists within different industries and trying to make it. What’s one message that you would give to college student artists?

AN: I’m going to be completely transparent. I think that for art, or anything art-related – of course, the experience of school is great and I went to NYU for a year, and I loved it. I love being around kids my age and doing all that. But I think if you really want to be in art, just focus on your art. If that’s the No. 1 thing, then honestly it comes even before school I would say.

Consistency is really important. If it’s songwriting you want to do, write a song every day. If you want to do painting, paint a painting every day. Consistency is really important. You’re either going to do it or not so just f——- do it.

What have you noticed is different about pre- and post-pandemic shows?

AN: I didn’t do too many shows before the pandemic because I think a lot of s—- happened for me during the pandemic, which is also really weird. But, I would say the energy is definitely different. People are realizing how lucky we are to do shows and to be together in certain moments. So, I really appreciate that energy. I think everyone’s just super grateful.

How do you think the show went today?

AN: Oh, it was fun. I had a good time. I personally had a f——- blast!

During her Juice Jam, Nuna noticed her shoes were untied on stage and remarked, “I’m gonna tie my shoes real quick so I don’t die.”

Are your shoes all right? Did you fix them?

AN: They’re my dad’s shoes, my Merrill’s. They’re amazingly comfortable, but I guess they just don’t tie super well. I’m going to figure that out.