Michael Che brings hilarity to SU Homecoming Show

Michael Che headlines Homecoming Show

Rosebud Baker and DJ Cipha Sounds joined the SNL Comedian for a night of jokes, anecdotes, and timely humor.
Published: September 16, 2019
Michael Che of Saturday Night Live

According to Michael Che, his performance Friday night left 40 people in delight, 40 people in pure horror, and the rest of the crowd indifferent.

University Union, in partnership with Traditions Commission, brought over 300 people to Goldstein Auditorium to see the “Saturday Night Live” star along with Cipha Sounds and Rosebud Baker for a night of comedy.

Best known as a radio personality on HOT 97 until 2015 and as a host of “Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks” on TruTv, Cipha Sounds started the night off by DJing;

“To get the crowd energized, laughing, having fun and to come together as human beings,” Sounds said.

As he looked out into the crowd, Sounds said, “I think I got the perfect playlist for tonight. I got a song called ‘boat shoes’.”

The audience belted out “Wonderwall,” by Oasis and “Don’t Stop Believing,” by Journey before the DJ got the crowd on their feet. He called a number of students up to the front who knew how to “Swag Surf,” which involves linking arms and moving side to side to the rhythm of the beat.

Before introducing Rosebud Baker, New York-based comedian, actor, and writer, Sounds said,

“People are too scared to perform at colleges because everyone is too sensitive– everybody will be getting offended tonight.”

Baker started off her performance by asking how many people in the crowd were freshmen. She recalled her first year as a college student where she made “the sexiest mistakes of her life.” Baker said as a freshman you’ll be friends with whoever will stick with you until you go back to their dorm and realize they’ve never done their own laundry.

Many of Baker’s jokes stemmed from her family and past relationships. “I think many of you are wondering whether this is comedy or a cry for help– it’s both,” Baker said. She quit drinking 11 years ago. “Many people are raised Christian; I was raised alcoholic. We both serve a God but ours fills us with shame.”

Although Michael Che was feeling under the weather, he ended the night with a performance that lasted well past 9:30. He spoke of his views on Trump, America, mental illness in the black community and skit ideas.

Che said he didn’t go to college but he has a friend who is $80,000 in debt for an English degree. “I learned English for free. It was the first thing I learned and It was pretty easy to pick up on,” Che said.

In regards to his stand on Trump, Che said if he was president of anywhere else he’d think he’s hilarious but he’s our president. He mainly votes democratic, not because he likes the candidates but because they prevent things he doesn’t like from happening. “Do you want to vote for an old rich white man or an old rich white woman?” Che said. “Well, I’d rather just enjoy my Tuesday.”

Out of the Democratic presidential candidates, Che likes Pete Buttigieg.

“Someone asked me if I thought America was ready for a gay president,” Che said. “There’s no way we haven’t had a gay president. There’s been like 45 of them in a row.”

Che also told an anecdote about him and Sounds driving through a town in Texas during a tour. There was an American flag flying at every house. Che said he told Sounds that they needed to get out of there. Any form of patriotism makes Che uncomfortable.

“For me, listening to the national anthem is like listening to R. Kelly now,” Che said. “It’s still good but it’s hard not to think about the other things.”

Che said his favorite thing about stand-up comedy is that he can say whatever he wants and the crowd still has to listen to him. The comedian added that he really likes writing sketches, but people say they’re always too sad. He has one sketch about a Family Feud episode; by the end of the show, they realize they’re not related.

Chris Hemsworth recently hosted SNL to promote “The Avengers.” Che had an idea where the Avengers save the day, “but Thor accidentally kills an unarmed, black teenager.”

Che opened the floor up to questions before finishing out the night. When asked if he ever gave Tommy Hilfiger his money back for supporting his custom-made t-shirts, he said he doesn’t think he misses it.

Before the show began, Homecoming Queen, Andrea Roque, and King, Oladeji Awe, were announced.