Real Housewives star shares stories from SU college days

Real Housewives star visits with SU students

Reality TV actress and alum Heather Dubrow records an episode of her podcast live at the Schine Underground.
Published: September 24, 2021 | Updated: October 6th, 2021 at 4:06 pm
"Real Housewives of Orange County" stars Gina Kirschenheiter and Heather Dubrow (right) pose at Thursday's event in the Schine Underground.

Heather Dubrow is not only returning to this upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, but she also returned to Syracuse University for the first time since graduating in 1990.

The reality TV star recorded an episode for her podcast, Heather Dubrow’s World, in the Schine Underground. Students who attended the recording had to sign a release form allowing them to be filmed for the RHOC episode. Dubrow, an author, a TV personality, and a successful skincare line creator, among other things, shared several of her Syracuse memories as well as advice during the event.

“Always say yes to exploring the opportunity because if you allow it, the universe has really beautiful, incredible, interesting things in store for you that you don’t even know are out there,” Dubrow said. “So, it’s all going to be okay.”

Dubrow’s words resonated with senior Chelsea Stern.

“It’s so simple, but her saying that meant so much,” said Stern, who considers herself a reality TV junkie.

The Bachelor star and fellow SU alum Ashley Iaconetti made an appearance by Zoom at Thursday’s talk. Iaconetti expressed how much she cherished her time at the Newhouse School, and both women bonded over how they were unfiltered on their reality TV shows.

Dubrow strove to be as honest as possible at the event as well.

“I want to tell you a little bit about my real experience here because I feel like with social media a lot of times we’re giving you the highlight reel,” Dubrow said. “But the truth is I really lost myself, and I found myself here at Syracuse.”

Heather Dubrow talking to Ashley Iaconetti over Zoom during Thursday's event.
Heather Dubrow talking to Ashley Iaconetti over Zoom during Thursday's event.

The reality star talked about her time as a member of Sigma Delta Tau as well as participating in Miss Greater Syracuse pageants.

“I never expected to do that, and it completely changed my life,” Dubrow said. “It trained me how to speak on my feet, how to speak in sound bites, how to give an interview and how to glean information from people.”

Stern could tell that Syracuse meant a lot to Dubrow.

“She carries herself in such a humble way. It was really exciting hearing her throw in all the Syracuse references like the fact that she lived in Dellplain and parked in the Booth parking lot,” Stern said. “She connected with us so well.”

Dubrow’s charisma shined even more with her good friend and fellow RHOC star, Gina Kirschenheiter, on the stage. Wrongfully rumored to be rivals, the friends led a quick question game where two students compete for the prize of a duplicate of Dubrow’s infamous champagne doorbell.

Sophomore Elliane Greenberg cheered fellow students on from the front row.

“It was great how students could be involved in the event whether it was playing games or directly asking questions,” Greenberg said.

Sophomore Samantha Lindell said she felt in awe being able to see a familiar celebrity on her campus.

“I’ve grown up watching the Real Housewives of Orange County, so this was a crazy experience for me to be able to see her at the school I’m currently attending,” Lindell said.

Dubrow’s family was often the topic of conversation, and two of her children, Maximillia (Max) and Nicholas, attended Thursday’s event.

“I’m very proud of my mom,” Max Dubrow said while talking to students after the show.