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Outlaws Dance Troupe holds 5th annual showcase

Outlaws Dance Troupe holds 5th annual showcase

SU’s Outlaws Dance Troupe celebrated their 10-year anniversary and 5th annual showcase Wednesday evening.

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Theoplis Stewart II
Outlaws Dance Troupe perform their routine at 5th annual showcase on Wednesday.

Syracuse University’s premier hip hop dance group, Outlaws Dance Troupe, celebrated their 10-year anniversary with their 5th annual showcase Wednesday evening at the Goldstein Auditorium.

“With a diverse collection of members of varying styles and backgrounds, Outlaws aims to bring a passionate and original hip-hop dance experience to all,” organizers stated on the group’s Facebook page.

Known for their dynamic performances and innovative choreography, the Troupe promised an evening of high-energy dance — and they delivered.

Before the show began, the show’s host, Glenn Dillard, and the Outlaws’ co-chairs, Gianna Delgado and Denaysha Aiko, gave the audience a taste of what they were in for: “We’re going to be playing a lot of familiar songs so if you know ‘em, sing ‘em and sing ‘em loud.” 

The performance was broken up into four separate acts, taking the audience on a journey of the past decade of hip hop music. Act One featured an array of music from 2014 to 2016, including a few hits like Drake’s “Controlla” and Big Sean’s “Bounce Back.” 

The Outlaws weren’t alone on stage Wednesday night. They were joined by Creations Dance Company, Syracuse’s oldest dance organization on campus. The team is well-versed in numerous dance styles and took the stage following Act One to perform Doja Cat’s “Agora Hills.” 

With smoke machines and vibrant gradients as a backdrop, Act Two started off lively, featuring music from 2017 to 2019 including “Finesse” by Cardi B and Bruno Mars as well as “Woman” by Doja Cat. 

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Theoplis Stewart II
Outlaws Dance Troupe perform their routine at 5th annual showcase.

After a brief intermission, the Outlaws were back on stage for more. Act Three started fiery with music including “B**** Better Have My Money” by Rihanna. As well as being joined by Black Reign Step Team, Syracuse’s only non-Greek affiliated step team, on the stage as a second guest appearance, putting on a show-stopping performance that left the audience roaring for more.

The final act featured fan-favorites including the current hit song “Water” by Tyla, which got the crowd on their feet and ready to round out the evening. 

To close out the Outlaw’s annual showcase, the team paid homage to their beloved seniors, offering teary-eyed speeches and flowers for their fellow dancers who are soon to be graduates.