Protestor Portrait: Nathaniel Flagg
Photo by Renée Deemer

Painful Legacies

Facets of Syracuse's history are responsible for the systemic, institutional problems that fracture society.
Syracuse University's Past with Onondaga Nation
The Blocks Between
Decades of public policy decisions segregated Syracuse neighborhoods and have created stark differences in opportunities, income and jobs based on where people live.
Not An Impostor
SU master’s candidate Folabomi Olujimi writes about juggling her love for writing, family obligations, and the uncertainties of studying in the U.S. as an international student.
Native in America
Commentary: A Seminole student studying at Syracuse University details her story of dealing with institutional racism to be a part of progressive change.
A Lasting Impact
The Syracuse 8 protest still resonates half a century after their courageous stand for equality in college athletics.

Inequality Now

The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded the disparities that impact everyday lives.
Lead poisoning in Syracuse children
Not Your Model Minority
Asian American students defy what it means to be a forgotten minority.
Stepping Up for Justice
Eight protestors of racial injustice tell their stories as they witnessed and experienced movements of social change.
Struggling Safe Space
The pandemic has sent a Syracuse LGBTQ-friendly bar and cafe into limbo, closing and re-opening several times in the last year.
Worth a Shot
The COVID-19 pandemic reinforces disparities when it comes to healthcare and treatment for minorities.
Voting in Silence
Deaf and hard of hearing voters have difficulties accessing political information due to a few or no accommodations.
Striving for Excellence
For already stressed families, the pandemic intensifies a need to address educational inequities and help Syracuse’s youth succeed in school.
For the win
With the help of simply basketball, Pass Da R.O.C.K has become integral to improving the lives of teens in the Syracuse City School District.
A Plethora of People
A collection of profiles that take a personal look at just some of the wide array of people that make up Syracuse New York.
Battered Business
Owners of Syracuse's Black-owned businesses share how the coronavirus pandemic has affected them.
The Instagram Activists
Students have taken to Instagram to share their experiences of discrimination at SU and express support for their peers.
The Right to Fight
Transgender individuals have been historically barred from serving in the military, recent policy changes have allowed them to serve once again.
Racial Reckoning
Syracuse activists and leaders say justice prevails with Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict but the fight for police reforms must press on.
Facing Racism Early
Black male children are often taught coping strategies to survive racism in America.
Social Media Support
Sexual assault survivors of color are using social media platforms to break their silence and create a space for communal healing.
Lost in Translation
With a law enforcement that doesn’t proportionally represent the Syracuse demographics it serves, the disparity can leave Spanish speakers misunderstood.
Crumbling Bridges
Long-running tensions sow town-and-gown divisions between Syracuse University and the city it calls home.
Falling on deaf ears
For deaf and hard-of-hearing students, COVID-19 and virtual learning have made academic success harder to achieve.

Constructing Tomorrow

With an abundance of inequalities, conversations and calls for action around building a better future are taking shape.
Boundary Busters
Fighting Food Insecurity
Food insecurity in Syracuse disproportionately affects marginalized communities, but residents are working to develop solutions.
Staged Action
Inequality within the arts has both evolved and been exposed in Syracuse by the COVID-19 pandemic.
ISO Community
Joey Pagano felt accepted by his peers in high school despite his cerebral palsy. He expected the same in college. What went wrong?
New Glass Ceilings
Equal-pay advocates call for collective action and say that legislation is not enough to close the wage gap
A Share of the Jobs
Onondaga County leaders and organizations remain hopeful about local job opportunities on the I-81 project for people of color.
Rethinking Policing
At Syracuse University, a panel of local Black activists explain the need for legislative action against police brutality.

Visualizing 81

An immersive look at the highway that ripped apart a predominantly Black neighborhood now may guide what's next.
Visualizing 81 - Syracuse's 15th-Ward - E. Washington-St. 1940s