Otto’s tips on how to bleed orange

Otto's tips for bleeding orange

If Otto ran the world (or at least SU's campus), what would it look like?
Published: May 14, 2023

Otto's Rules

Unfortunately, Otto wouldn’t comment, but we did get the chance to speak with some of Otto’s favorite graduates (AKA former Ottos) to find out a few of Otto’s favorite elements of Syracuse. Inspired by their time as the beloved mascot, alums Moriah Humiston and Salvatore Pepe broke down some tips for the SU community aimed at creating Otto’s dream campus – spirited, joyous and covered in Orange.   

1. The classic stuff – Orange and a Syracuse hat – never go out of style. “The trend right now is all about finding your best color palette – Am I a cool summer or a warm spring? On Syracuse’s campus, everybody looks good in orange, especially when they’re on the way to the Dome. Add that pop of color!” – Humiston

2. Make way for Otto and his scooter on the walkways. “Otto loves the bus, loves walking and running, but scootering is the coolest way to go … It’s the coolest transportation around campus.” – Humiston; “Otto sometimes can get bumped off [his scooter] or has to scooter on the grass and takes a tumble. Respect the scooter! Otto always gets up, but falling is never ideal.” – Pepe


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3. Always be ready to receive and give a high five. “Whether it’s in the Dome or on campus or just running by somebody really quickly, a high five can make somebody’s day, especially when it’s coming from Otto.” – Humiston

4. Don’t rush out of the Dome at the end of the game. You are missing out (and making Otto sad). “At the end of every home game, Syracuse fans sing the alma mater. The tradition is that everybody should stay, link arms and do the whole swaying thing while singing. If you look closely on the football field or basketball court, Otto is swaying back and forth with the team, singing the alma mater – win or lose.” – Humiston

5. You can always find time for a dance break. “No matter what situation you’re in with Otto – whether it be Bird Library, the Dome or the Promenade – Otto will break into a dance and always wants people to join. If you do not know what to do, do a little dance.” – Humiston

6. Choose joy and spread it to everyone. “Otto doesn’t look past anybody on campus. It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete or in Greek life or a commuter student, Otto loves everybody because they’re at Syracuse. Even outside of Syracuse, Otto spreads joy around the world, to alums and even people who have never been on campus.” – Humiston


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7.  C’mon. Take the selfie with your mom and dad.  “The number one photo opportunity is always in front of the Dome. Quad pictures are always a great ones. A very iconic photo is the one that everybody takes in front of the Hall of Languages.” – Humiston

8. Don’t let the weather get you down. “Rain or shine, it’s always a great day to be in Orange.” – Humiston


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9. Friends don’t let friends go sledding … alone.  “Otto loves to go sledding whenever there is snow. Whether it’s a cardboard box, a dining hall tray or a sled, it’s like a Syracuse tradition to take a turn down the hill.” – Pepe

10. Once an orange, always an orange. “Keep that connection alive. Come back and visit, stay involved, help the next generation of students in whatever capacity you can.” – Pepe

11. Squeeze out every drop. “Otto wants students to maximize the opportunities they have. Take advantage of this fantastic university and all the resources it has to offer.” – Pepe

For those SU community members who do not like mascots (because they don’t talk and are kind of scary or make you nervous), that is OK. Otto still loves you!

“Otto’s goal is to have everybody enjoy the Syracuse experience and for some people, that doesn’t necessarily mean interacting with Otto,” Humiston said. “For a lot of people, that means avoiding Otto at all costs. But as long as everyone is having a great time, celebrating happiness and school spirit, that is all that matters to Otto.”