#NotAgainSU adds demands while gaining support

#NotAgainSU adds demands while gaining support

The student movement's ninth day in Crouse-Hind intensifies as negotiations with SU's Administration seem to be at a standstill.
Published: February 25, 2020
NotAgainSU protestors blocked cars and buses along Waverly Avenue late Wednesday afternoon.
NotAgainSU protestors blocked cars and buses along Crouse and Waverly avenues late Wednesday afternoon.

#NotAgainSU protestors and SU administrators’ path to ending a nine-day occupation of Crouse-Hinds Hall hit a considerable stumbling block on Wednesday.

While both sides have their versions as to whether a negotiating meeting would take place that afternoon, the protest spilled outside the Administration building where Syracuse Police had to shut down traffic on two blocks while students took over an intersection.

Protestors disbanded and several returned to Crouse-Hinds for another night of sit-in but not before scores of videos and photos peppered social media and local news outlet drawing attention to the movement again.

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#NotAgainSU shares expense report
February 26, 2020 4:00 pm

On Tuesday #NotAgainSU released its expense report on its GoFundMe page. The page was first set up back in November of last year for support for the Barnes Center protest, and then reopened last week as the Crouse-Hinds sit-in continued.

So far the movement has raised over $21,000, and the expense report that they have only spent about $7,500. Some of the expenses included $4,400 for 500 hoodies, $1,000 for a dinner, and $548 for two one-way flight tickets for protesters back in November.

#NotAgainSU made it clear that the GoFundMe was started to prepare for “legal fees” and that they now have acquired legal counsel, so some of the transactions are still pending.

NotAgainSU expense report - Feb. 26, 2020.
New bias-related incident
February 26, 2020 1:00 pm

This is the second bias-related incident to be reported since the Crouse-Hinds Hall sit-in began was announced by DPS on Monday. The incident was reported on Feb. 22 and involved a screenshot sent via cell phone to a student. The screenshot consisted of racist remarks targeting African Americans.

One of the demands of the #NotAGainSU protesters was that DPS would report bias-related incidents within 48 hours of the initial discovery of the incident. According to the DPS Bias Incident Report webpage, some incidents may take longer than 48 hours in order “to prevent jeopardizing active investigations.”

#NotAgainSU's latest terms
February 26, 2020 11:15 am

Late Monday night, Not Again SU has released a 16-page document of negotiation to the public and sent it to the administration. The document contains updated demands as well as clarifications and explanations.

The document begins by claiming that the actions of the university’s administration have been complicit with “white supremacist institutional violence.” They went on to say that the university’s treatment of the protesters has been unwarranted, especially with respect to the denial of food, medicine and hygiene products.

Furthermore, the document reads that administrators such as Chancellor Kent Syverud and the Vice President of the Student Experience and Dean of Students, Rob Hradsky, have lied on numerous occasions with respect to the treatment of protesters.

Some of the new demands include disarming DPS, disclosing the identities of the perpetrators of the bias-related incidents, , a freeze on increasing tuition, and increase financial support to students of color.

The document then explains the movement’s criticisms of how the administration is handling the commitments after last year.  For example, the university has plans to hire four additional counselors to improve the counselor to students ratio to 1:714, but NotAgainSU says that they would like to see a 1:500 ratio.

The university has a website to track the commitments agreed to with protesters last semester, but protesters are still unsatisfied with the result and would like campus-wide email updates in addition to the website.

The protesters plan to have negotiation talks with two of the Board of Trustees members and administrators on Wednesday at 4 p.m. in Crouse-Hinds Hall. NotagainSU is encouraging the entire campus community to attend.

Georgetown protesters show support for #NotagainSU
February 26, 2020 10:00 am

The Black Survivors Coalition out of Georgetown posted on Instagram in solidarity with #NotAgainSU. The protest in Georgetown is being called #Georgetowndoesntcare and began on Monday with students sitting outside of the office of the university’s president John DeGioia.

According to The Hoya, the Black Survivors Coalition is focused on getting adequate care for female survivors of sexual assault. Their protest was prompted by the lack of response from Georgetown administrators to the Black Survivors Coalition’s demands which include increased funding and support for their Women’s Center in order to improve the “capacity for supporting survivors.”