Hundreds join campus protest against rape culture

SU students protest rape culture

Students marched across the Syracuse University campus Tuesday night, chanting outside fraternities and the chancellor's house.
Published: September 22, 2021 | Updated: October 6th, 2021 at 3:48 pm
A group of students gathered tonight to protest recent allegations of sexual misconduct by Syracuse University affiliated fraternities. The gathering began around 9 p.m. Tuesday, and dispersed at roughly 11 PM.
Hundreds of students gathered Tuesday night to protest allegations of sexual misconduct by Syracuse University fraternities.

A boisterous protest that swelled to several hundred students Tuesday night took aim at what they see as a prevalent “rape culture” at Syracuse University.

Protestors gathered outside the Psi Upsilon house on SU’s main campus around 9 p.m. directing chants at the fraternity members inside. The gathering was supposedly sparked by claims about Psi Upsilon that surfaced on social media app YikYak Tuesday night.

The group then marched to several fraternity houses along Walnut Park and then Chancellor Kent Syverud’s house before circling back to the Psi Upsilon house. The crowd dispersed around 11 p.m.

Students hold up hand-made signs to protest recent allegations of sexual misconduct.

Students chanted on the steps of the Psi Upsilon house to protest allegations of sexual misconduct.

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As the group marched across SU's campus, the size of the protest grew over the course of the event.

Several students interviewed on CitrusTV said they were taking part in the protest because victims of sexual assaults at SU aren’t provided sufficient support and resources and students charged with attacks are not facing appropriate punishments.

As the protest unfolded, Student Association President David Bruen posted his support on Twitter and said a SA proposal addressing sexual assault would be ready by next week.

“Protesting to ensure accountability in fraternities and all campus organizations is critical,” Bruen posted. “All RSOs should be committed to upholding Title IX and not commit these vile acts.”

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Signs like "Survivors Deserve Better" were on display as protestors staged rallies outside several SU fraternity houses.