Reporting from home in quarantine

Reporting from home in quarantine

Instead of covering on-campus news with access to a TV studio, Josh Meyers is limited to the confines of his New Jersey hometown.
Published: April 16, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has forced Syracuse University to cancel on-campus classes, sending students home for the rest of the semester and transitioning classes to an online format. SU students now find themselves stuck at home and isolated from all their college friends.

For Josh Meyers, a student journalist and reporter for CitrusTV, this means he must do all his reporting from inside his home on his laptop. Instead of covering on-campus news with access to a full TV studio, he is limited to what he can do from his hometown in Livingston, New Jersey.

The pandemic is extremely challenging for a broadcast and digital journalism freshman who is accustomed to heading to interviews and scenes in order to get a story.

But Meyers has found some joy in being isolated. He has spent a large portion of quarantine walking at a local park. The transition has taught Josh to take advantage of the situation he’s forced into and to better appreciate nature and family.

To keep his mind off of the current crisis, Meyers has found himself snapping pictures of nature and animals and posting it on his social media accounts as an alternative to field reporting.

Meyers said he misses reporting in a TV studio, but he has realized that appreciating the world around him during this moment has certainly been a good replacement in the meantime.