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Edward Felton, a volunteer who lives in walking distance to the farm, spreads wood chips over a path to smother weeds and build organic material in the soil.
Deconstructing The Divide

Fighting Food Insecurity

Published On: April 15, 2021

Food insecurity in Syracuse disproportionately affects marginalized communities, but residents are working to develop solutions.

Jacob Toth works with agarose gel, a medium that allows separation of DNA fragments based on molecular weight when a voltage is applied.
High Stakes

Cannabis research proceeds, with limits

Published On: April 19, 2020

Marijuana’s illegality continues to pose problems for those trying to learn more about the plant’s potential uses and dangers.

Jacob Toth and George Stack are both PhD Students in Plant Breeding and Genetics at Cornell.
High Stakes

From seed to sale

Published On:

What will legalization look like for farms, businesses and consumers? It will depend on the rules New York adopts and how those rules shape the supply chain for weed.