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#NotAgainSU basketball gear
Campus News

Student athletes show support for #NotAgainSU

Published On: November 13, 2019

Renegade Magazine, Otto's Army, Student Association and Remembrance Scholars are among the organizations standing with protestors.

The emotional scholars stand in silence, looking at the glowing candles on the 35, now empty chairs.
Campus News

Remembrance Week 2019

Published On: October 21, 2019

The rose-laying ceremony at 2:03 p.m. Friday honors the SU students lost in Pan Am Flight 103.

Campus News

Future contributors of The NewsHouse: Join us for open house!

Published On: September 10, 2019

Anyone interested in contributing, gaining some relevant experience and meeting others passionate about the media should join us at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 11, in the Collaborative Media Room (Room 253 of Newhouse 3).

The New York State Fair midway came to life as the sun set on another day.
Off Campus

Seen at the 2019 New York State Fair

Published On: September 7, 2019

The popular late-summer event drew a record-setting crowd for the fourth year in a row with 1.3 million visitors.

KISS Farewell Tour

KISS rocks St. Joseph’s Amphitheater

Published On: August 28, 2019

The rock legends brought their "End of the Road" World Tour to St. Joseph's Health Amphitheater at Lakeview on Tuesday.

Akwesasne: Foot in two worlds

The First

Published On: May 31, 2019

Long before Europeans came to North America, the Mohawks lived and thrived on the land that now forms the border between northern New York and Canada. That border now splits the Mohawk Nation territory of Akwesasne in two.

Canadian border patrol confront migrants from Cameroon and Uganda as they cross the border at Roxham Road with their luggage on March 1.

Border Crossing

Published On: May 30, 2019

While the Southern border has made headlines, the border to the north is nearly as active, with millions of crossings a year, smuggling, trade disputes and asylum seekers heading both north into Canada and south into the United States in search of a better life.