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College learning during COVID-19 Pandemic
Class of COVID

Seniors reflect on COVID learning

Published On: May 10, 2023

Syracuse University students adjusted to Zoom courses, hybrid classes and online learning as the coronavirus took hold.

Jordyn Tareaz performing at Syracuse University's Planet Underground Spring 2023 Student Show.

UU's Planet Underground showcases student acts

Published On: March 27, 2023

Padma, The Accountant and All Thumbs, Nancy Dunkle, Sammy Curcuru, and Jordyn Tareaz took the Goldstein Auditorium stage for the March 25 showcase.

Collage of Instagram Influencers

Does Gen Z really care about fashion sustainability?

Published On: February 21, 2023

Although there are numerous statistics that report how much Gen Z values sustainable clothing, they still buy from fast fashion brands known to be bad for the environment.