yracuse club hockey Head coach Chris Timmons gives a speech to his team before the last period of play in their game against NYU. Often the speech following the second period includes a few key phrases. Things like, “Leave it all out on the ice.” or “20 miles left here boys, let’s take it to them.” “20 miles” refers to the number of minutes in a period of hockey (20). It takes 60 physical and exhausting miles of good hockey to win a game. You play one mile at a time and every single mile counts. Text
Ice Hockey

Grit & Glory

Published On: May 25, 2022

Syracuse University's club ice hockey team members play, manage and pay for a demanding sport all because of their love for the game.

Collage with photos of the SU women's lacrosse team and newspaper clippings from the 1995 Boucher vs. Syracuse University lawsuit.
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“Something Was Wrong and Needed to be Addressed”

Published On: May 3, 2022

Members of the SU women’s club lacrosse and softball teams united for the Boucher vs. Syracuse University legal challenge that paved the way for better representation among Orange sports.

Mara McBride and Julia Leary hold footballs on the football field
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Breaking the Football Barrier

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In a historically male-dominated sport, two high school varsity football players are paving the way for women in the sport.

Lauren Helmbrecht preparing to interview high school football players
Entitled to Equality, EQ Story Page

About Entitled to Equality

Published On: May 2, 2022

Fifty years since Title IX was enacted, teams of SU students came together to answer this question: How has this legislation advanced gender equality, and where has it failed to do so?