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Couples' Quiz

This Valentine's Day, take our quiz with your significant other to test your bond, and have lots of fun too!

Here's how it works:

Step 1

Person 1 answers a question about your relationship. The questions can range from silly to serious. Person 2 can't see their answer!

Step 2

Person 2 tries to guess their answer. If Person 2 gets it right, you get a point!

Step 3

Both people take turns giving their answer and having the other guess it.

There's twelve questions in this quiz. How many do you think the both of you will get right? Let's see!

Let's get Started!

First things's first, we'll need to know both your names.

Who's the first sweetheart?

Who's the second sweetheart?

Just to be sure...

So the first sweetheart's name is {{c1}}...

...and the second sweetheart's name is {{c2}}, right?

It's the First Question!

All right, let's start the quiz! This first question is for {{c1}}, so {{c2}}, you'll need to look away for a moment.

Once you're sure {{c2}} isn't looking, click the box below to reveal the first question! You can also click it again to hide your answer.

Question One (for {{c1}})

When did you and {{c2}} first lay eyes on each other?

Once you've answered it, click below for the fun part!

Okay {{c2}}, you can look again. Now you'll see what the question was, but you also need to guess {{c1}}'s answer!

First Question


When did you and {{c1}} first lay eyes on each other?

Once you've guessed, you can click below to see their answer. No peeking until you do!

Click here to show {{c1}}'s answer!


Did you get it right? Click below if you were right or wrong, and remember, be honest!

Here's the Second Question!

Now it's your turn to answer a question first, {{c2}}! {{c1}}, look away from the screen and remember: no peeking!

Question Two (for {{c2}})

Who's your celebrity crush?

Okay, {{c1}}, you can look again! Now you get to answer the question!

Second Question


Who is {{c2}}'s celebrity crush?

See who it is here!


All right, {{c1}}, did you guess who it was?

Now the Third Question!

It's {{c1}}'s turn to answer again, so don't look, {{c2}}! Picking up on the pattern here?

Question Three (for {{c1}})

If you had a slice of molten chocolate cake, would you share it with {{c2}}?

Okay, {{c2}} can look at the screen again and guess the answer!

Question Three


If {{c1}} had a slice of molten chocolate cake, do you think they'd share it with you?

Would they or wouldn't they?


Along comes the Fourth Question!

Okay, that last one was easy. Let's go to some tougher, more romantic questions! {{c2}}, you're answering now, so make sure {{c1}} is looking away!

Question Four (for {{c2}})

What trait do you value most in {{c1}}?

Okay {{c1}}, turn around and give this one your best shot!

Question Four


What trait do you think {{c2}} values the most in you?

Tell me, tell me!


Question Number Five!

Back to you, {{c1}}! You answer the question, and {{c2}} doesn't look at your answer. This one's a little tougher than the last.

Question Five (for {{c1}})

If you could repeat any moment you spent with {{c2}}, which would you chose?

All right {{c2}}, here's your question!

Question Five


Think of all the moments you spent together with {{c1}}. Which moment do you think {{c1}} would want to repeat the most?

Which one?


And...Question Number Six!

Look the other way, {{c1}}! It's {{c2}}'s turn to answer again.

Question Six (for {{c2}})

What's your favorite musical artist to "set the mood?"

See if you can guess this one, {{c1}}!

Question Six


What is {{c2}}'s favorite musical artist to "set the mood?"

Let me know so we can listen later!


Lucky Question Number Seven!

You're both halfway through this quiz! {{c2}}, it's again your turn to look away while {{c1}} answers!

Question Seven (for {{c1}})

What's your favorite idea of a romantic outing?

Turn back around {{c2}} and try your best!

Question Seven


What do you think {{c1}}'s favorite idea of a romantic outing is?

What is this place?


Now it's Question #8!

Time for a silly question. {{c1}}, don't you peek while {{c2}} answers this!

Question Eight (for {{c2}})

What's the most embarrasing pet name {{c1}} calls you?

Okay {{c1}}, turn back around!

Question Eight


What's the most embarassing pet name you have for {{c2}}?

Let's hear it!


Getting there with Question Nine!

You're up again, {{c1}}. Don't you dare look, {{c2}}!

Question Nine (for {{c1}})

Of all the gifts {{c1}} ever gave you, which one was your favorite?

Look upon your next question, {{c2}}!

Question Nine


Of all the gifts you've given {{c1}}, which one do you think was their favorite?

Which one was it?


Question Ten!

Just three questions left! {{c1}}, you know the drill by now - turn around!

Question Ten (for {{c2}})

What's your favorite treat or snack?

You're up, {{c1}}!

Question Ten


What's {{c2}}'s favorite treat or snack?

What is it so we can have some later?


Question Eleven!

Only two left! The last time you can't look, {{c2}}, since it's {{c1}}'s turn!

Question Eleven (for {{c1}})

What is your favorite color?

Here you go, {{c2}}!

Question Eleven


What is {{c1}}'s favorite color?

What is it?


Last Question, the Twelfth!

All right, we're at the last question! {{c2}}, it's your last turn!

Question Twelve (for {{c2}})

How would you describe your relationship in one word?

Here we go, {{c1}}, look again and answer!

Question Twelve


{{c2}} chose one word to try and describe your relationship. What word do you think she chose?

What's the word?


Results are below!

Thank you very much for playing, and have a great Valentine's Day!