February 26, 2016 - 12:50pm
Perspectives on the City of Syracuse from the women who stayed.

Lake effect. Orange pride. Salt potatoes. Wegmans. These are the terms that my eager family instilled in me upon learning that my alma mater would be Syracuse University, located in the very place that both sides of my lineage sprout from. As an Arizonian accustomed to readily available Mexican food and sprawling acres of saguaro cacti under open, dry skies, even the idea of snow was foreign to me. I cherished these new additions to my lexicon with excitement and care, looking forward to the day they would no longer feel strange rolling off my tongue.

July 23, 2013 - 2:08pm
For 116 years, Syracuse's Columbus Bakery has tried to remain true to the traditions of making Italian bread.

Italian bread isn't the only thing the Columbus Bakery has served up for more than a century.

To the owner of the legendary Northside Syracuse establishment, the bakery offers authenticity and international flair.

"It's 116 years old; I want it to look 116 years old," Jimmy Retzos said. "It's an old throw back era."

Retzos has purposely kept Columbus' same four basic ingredients -- water, flour, yeast and salt -- in use since bread was first baking there in 1897.